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Cigavette E-Cigs Review

     CIGAVETTE would like you to know: “It’s not a cigarette… it’s a Cigavette”, and “When you use a Cigavette you never need to have a Cigarette again!” Thanks to their patented “Smart Chip,” they may be right. Is Cigavette just another electronic cigarette or something different? Talk is cheap - but so far I am a dedicated fan. 

     CIGAVETTE has taken a different approach with their e-cigarettes, but their roots are similar to many other electronic cigarette companies. Started by former smokers, they claim to have designed a better quality product that is more attractive to smokers than a traditional e-cig. They seem to take pride in their products and offer a 30 money back guarantee on top of a lifetime warranty. Where CIGAVETTE strays for the pack is how their e-cigarette is designed - taking what we all know and enjoy from a real cigarette and applying it to something far less harmful. It sounded intriguing, so I ordered a starter pack to see if there was anything unusual about one of the best-e-cigs-cigavette and have come to find out they do deliver. 


Breaking down Cigavettes latest e-cigs of 2013



     CIGAVETTE has made it easy to find an electronic cigarette. There are no confusing choices, and you will not be forced to choose from hundreds of kits and e-liquids. They offer only two flavors, either tobacco or menthol

     They believe that smokers just need an e-cigarette to taste just like a tobacco cigarette. Simplicity is bliss, especially if you just want to get a decent e-cigarette without complexities.

     Their basic starter kit contains 1 battery, 2 pre filled cartridges, and 1 USB charger, and it is all contained in a cigarette-like pack for $29.95. See coupon at the bottom of this page. It is everything you need to start and gives you a great way to try out their e-cigarette without investing hundreds. It is the around the same size as a tobacco cigarette and comes in varying nicotine levels (0-24mg), and 3 colors. I suggest getting the “Full” flavor 18mg starter kit if you are unsure what to buy.

     They also offer 2 bigger versions of their standard e-cig, the VIP GO “ULTRA” SET and the VIP GO “MEGA” SET. These two sets use the much stronger eGo battery and uses cartridges that are pre filled with e-liquid. The bigger battery means thicker vapor and the battery outlasts any smaller e-cig. Think of these two sets as their regular e-cig on steroids. The ULTRA is the best electronic cigarette for heavy smokers, especially if you don’t want to mess with the hassles of using e-liquid. 

     Another product worth mention is their incredible electronic cigar. CIGAVETTE has done to cigars what they did to cigarettes. The “CUVANNA” is a realistic looking cigar that tastes and feels like the real deal. The only difference between a CUVANNA and a tobacco cigar is that this one won’t get you kicked out of the poker game because it has no secondhand odor and no ash.

     CIGAVETTE uses only vegetable glycerin (VG) in all of their e-liquids, so it produces a rich, thick cloud of vapor that satisfies. Using only VG also makes it an option to anyone who has an allergic reaction to propylene glycol, which is a common ingredient in many e-liquids. You can choose any nicotine level between 0mg to 24mg.


     The first notable mention goes to the fact that the starter kits smell just like a pack of smokes. No other e-cig kit I have tried smelled like tobacco. I almost suspected they had used some sort of tobacco spray in their kits to make them smell like a pack of smokes. 

     After screwing on the cartridge, I quickly found the source of the tobacco smell. It was the e-liquid in the cartridge. The vapor tasted just like a real tobacco cigarette without that heavy feeling in my lungs and the hot throat-hit. A solid e-cig minus the garbage! 

     The flavor was the closest to tobacco as I have tasted in an e-cig, and it had a pleasant throat-hit. It was clean and smooth with a strong flavor. 

     It was like someone had squeezed the juice out of tobacco leafs and made e-liquid from it. It was especially tasty and realistic when I exhaled through my nose. I was not disappointed. 

Final Note:

     CIGAVETTE has made an e-cigarette that tastes like a real cigarette, that’s impressive. Any smoker could switch to e-cigarettes today if they tried one of these. 

They seriously mean it when they say “When you use a CIGAVETTE you never need to have a Cigarette again!

     They have the most realistic tobacco flavor on the market, a lifetime warranty and 30 money back guarantee. Not to mention how CIGAVETTE gives you a lot of bang-for-the-buck. I am impressed with their flavor, vapor, and commitment to quality. A must try.

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