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       The best electronic cigarette may not be as easy to find as you were hoping. There are literally hundreds of vendors and thousands of flavors to sort through. The best e-cig is not the same for every smoker and what works for you may not be the best fit for a friend or relative. 

      WE LIKE TO SMOKE - or at least we think we do or maybe You don't but are tired of solutions to quitting that end up failing. Either way, you are here to find info on an alternative that possibly could give you the best of both worlds!  Real tobacco  comes with over 300 toxins that our bodies love -that's a fact -  but a bigger fact is that those toxins make quitting extremely hard. We all know this, but finally a better solution is out there! Its time to  find the best e-cigarette for YOUR needs, and in the process, help you realize that you don’t need to smoke tobacco to enjoy the feeling a cigarette brings you. You can still "smoke" without rapidly killing yourself. 

Consider this:

  • You smoke to get nicotine and nicotine is addictive
  • Smoke and tar is dangerous and causes health problems
  • Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine without the tar and smoke
  • E-cigs give you the hand-to-mouth feeling of smoking and the vapor has the feeling of smoke
  • If you think of e-cigarettes as just another brand of smokes, could you switch your brand?

      Your first step is to find a basic rechargeable electronic cigarette to help you determine what specific e-cig qualities you find beneficial and what qualities you do not. It is important to understand that this step is often where most smokers will struggle with. If you assume all electronic cigarettes are the same, and you don’t find the best e-cig for your needs right away, you might assume that e-cigs are not for you. If you give up at this stage, you will not have a chance.

     Let’s assume you don’t find the best electronic cigarette at first. My first e-cig (a disposable e-cig) did not impress me, and I certainly did not see myself using it as an alternative to smoking. The vapor tasted fantastic, but it was not thick enough and didn’t fill my lungs like a smoke did. My first experience with an e-cigarette was not the best, but I didn’t give up. 

     I took the good from my experience and expanded on it to find a decent tasting e-cig with thicker vapor. I must have bought at least 3 disposables before I realized that only a more powerful e-cigarette could give me with what I needed. I found a rechargeable e-cig that had thicker vapor and a sweet taste. It wasn’t perfect, but it did help me reduce the amount of cigarettes I had. 

 Soon I was trying more flavors and different electronic cigarette until I had found one that made it possible for me to satisfy my cigarette cravings altogether. The only time I found myself smoking was when I was drinking or when I ran out of nicotine juice. Now I am smoker free for over a year and love every minute of it. I can breathe better, I don’t wheeze, and I am saving a ton of money.

The point is you won’t stumble upon the best e-cig on your first try, but if you learn what qualities you enjoy and expand on them, you can find the best e-cig for your needs. 

     Once you commit to trying electronic cigarettes, you should start with a quality rechargeable e-cig. Any electronic cigarette starter kit with several e-liquid cartridges and a charger will work. Use it for at least 3-4 days to get used to the taste and vapor. After this initial trial, you should have a better understanding of the qualities you like and dislike. This will help you find your next electronic cigarette if you need to keep looking. 

     Keep this in mind when you are shopping for your next e-cigarette: Heavy smokers require a longer lasting battery and usually require a thicker vapor to get the satisfaction they are used to. In the same aspect, a light smoker will benefit from a smaller, more compact e-cig and one that requires less maintenance.

     Don’t be afraid to try new e-cigs and new e-liquids. The amount of money you spend looking for your perfect electronic cigarette will be recouped soon after you stop buying cigarettes. 

The best electronic cigarette is out there waiting for you. You just need to go out there and find it. Don't give up if the first choice fails - finding the best e-cig takes some time. Hopefully this site helps you find what you are looking for. 

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