Since e-cigs came into the picture a few years back, there have been huge advancements in the design, functionality and combination of ingredients used in making the liquid used in these e-cigs. When a e-cig user takes a drag, they get the same sensation they would from a regular cigarette but without the dreadful health implications. Several types of e-cigs are sold today, and the best electronic cig is a must in order for you to form your opinion on the best e-cig, you need to learn a bit about all of them.

Basic Electronic Cigarettes

     A basic e-cigarette one would be the best e-cig for most vapers. This one can actually be broken down into three parts. One compartment hosts the battery, another the atomizer and the third one is for the cartridge. The complete kit comes with a wall or USB charger that you can plug in whenever the device runs out of power.

     Basic e-cigs have had little modification since their inception a while back. Users can buy e-cig sets with prefilled cartridges or manual types, which they have to fill up on their own by taking apart the device and filling the appropriate compartment according to the manufacturer's instructions.


What is "Vaping?"


Personal Vaporizer

     There are a few advantages when you buy e-cig kits like these. For starters, since the cartridge is removable, it gives the user the option of using different flavors on different gadgets and switching up the amount of nicotine in the e-juice. For this reason, you have more freedom to control the amount of nicotine you inhale and you get more bang for your buck. With continued use, you will have to buy e-cig replacement parts as they wear out. If the battery dies on you or the atomizer fails, you can have either of them replaced instead of having to replace the entire gadget. Batteries and atomizers often require replacements because they don't come with extended warranties.

     If you don't like the tedious technical process of manipulating traditional e-cigs, then a personal vaporizer one would be ideal for you. Once the cartridge is and filled with e-liquid  and attached to a fully charged battery, the device is good to go. It's easier because the atomizer also happens to be crammed in the same end of the e-cig therefore making it easier to operate.This type of e-cig normally costs more than a traditional type, but it has its benefits because in the long run, you get a longer warranty to cover any problems with the batteries. Cartomizers have to be changed every couple of months though, or else they break down.

Once its gone - Toss it! 

Disposable E-cigs

      A disposable e-cig is designed for the kind of person who doesn't have time to separate and put together the components every time they break down. The three main components that need regular servicing are packed into one unit, which can not be disassembled. If the juice runs out or the battery dies, you have to throw away the device and purchase a new one. When compared to the other two types, this is the most expensive e-cig because one single unit costs as much as a pack of traditional cigarettes.You can always find a cheap disposable unit to purchase if you are into that, or if your other unit was damaged and you need to wait for it to be fixed.    

     More flavors for a personal vaporizer will offer a wider variety of flavors because the atomizer tends to retain some of the flavors used in it. It might set you back a few bucks, but it's completely worth it. A basic e-cig will give you richer flavors because the atomizer comes separate from the cartridge and is better equipped to deliver quality flavor. Also, the ability to buy e-cig refill cartridges appeals to a lot of smokers. So which one do I need? Given the three choices you have, it should be fairly easy to decide which is the best e-cig for you. If you're just starting out, then the disposable type would be ideal for you so you can test out the different flavors available while you decide on which type you like. You may have to adjust the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid before you get the amount that makes the drag sensational. After a week or two, you'll get the hang of it, and by then, you will have decided whether the best e-cig for you is a modified one or a regular piece.