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     Some of the best e-cigs come in many different styles and flavors. The amount of vendors is overwhelming and with my experience with the options below I have tried to take the guess work out of it for you. I personally was a heavy smoker and went through my trials and tribulations with some pretty bad e-cigs - if I would have come across a site like this I could have saved myself some cash! The top 6 electronic cigarettes have been narrowed down from my own usage and some helpful reviews I've come across. 

The Top 6 best electronic cigarettes reviewed online in 2013 are:


Breaking Down the Top e-cigs of 2013!

The Halo G6 and the Triton Starter Kits  sit atop the list of best starter kits online.

Summer/Early Fall Pricing kits starting at $44.99!  

 Halo e-cigs are a great start for a new e-cig smoker. Rechargeble e-cigs are the fastest growing style on the market and Halo sits on top of this list due to its solid build and long lasting battery - along with the many options of colors and designs. Halo is 100% American made which makes me love these guys even more! 

 Halo is one of the best e-cigs due to a quality product backed up by reliable reviews which has resulted in their longevity. Clearly one of the industry's leaders in the best e-cig realm. Customer service reliability is very important to me and my few encounters with them have made my top e-cig choice easy.  Thank you Halo! 

                                             Everything in the Halo Lineup! 






The VaporZeus now lowered to $86.99 for SEPT 2013


 The Titan says it all! Everything to get started coming in under $99 for 2013

     Vapor4life is quickly making its mark on the ecig world. The VaporZeus is their flagship e-cig and this one packs a serious punch! I personally have this loaded for daily use. Add in the ability to customize the e-juice and a GIANT battery - this unit alone is all they need to compete in the e-cig market. Their e-juice lineup is solid and the accessory list to customize your ecig is extensive. These guys are revolutionizing the game - a must see. 

     Vapor4life now carries some of the      most popular starter kits online. The    heaviest throat hit I have tried  personally, whoever surpasses these  guys will dominate the best e-cig  market, but for now Vapor4life owns  this title. A little bigger units then some  but a small price to pay for a monster  hit. As mentioned - the battery stands  out drastically compared to other units -  almost making the car charger useless.  The rubber tip is a major plus. If  Vapor4life continues down this road of quality e-cigs they will be a household  name before too long. 


                                              The Newest Items for Vapor4Life




                                              V2 E-Cigs


     V2 has the largest variety of cheap starter kits on the market which gives this e-cig a big edge! Their price-to-quality ratio outweighs most of their competition. Add in a Lifetime warranty and V2 will be on your high on your list of e-cig choices. A big plus with V2 is their lineup changes - these guys are always coming out with new products keeping them fresh. Your next ecig review should include V2. 

 If you have been searching the internet prior to coming here I am willing to bet you have come across V2. Why? Because they cover all the best e-cig bases. Vapor - battery - accessories - customer support all rank among the top when buying online. Their Power Cig is one of my favorites and runs around $25! V2 cigs unlike some, dont degrade vapor power when the battery gets low - so from start to end its the same throat hit you're used to - this feature alone separates them from most e-cigs. Online Support is rare for an e-cig producer and these guys have it, so its nice knowing they are there at the click of button for issues that may pop up. 


 V2 Has a Ton of Marked Down Items for the Thrifty E-cig Shopper!  View all of them here. 



                                       Cigavette E-Cig


     Cigavette is arguably the most advanced e-cig to date. With the closest tobacco cigarette taste I have come across its easy to recommend these e-cigs to the most skeptic smoker. Cigavette uses a patented "smart chip" that takes any hassle out of the electronic cigarette setup.  Cigavette is so confident in their product they only make two e-cig flavors - tobacco and menthol opposed to other brands who rely on many different flavors. 

 These guys need no introduction - with ads all over the internet - tv - radio, Cigavette is as popular as any. Just like any name brand product Cigavette carries itself very well. The look, feel and taste replicate the real smoking experience to the fullest. If you dont want to search the internet for your first - or next - best e-cig,  just start and finish your search here!

           Check out all of Cigavettes Choices here



            Crown 7' Best E-Cigs

Both styles come in under $30 in 2013!

   Crown Seven is the epitome of class and style when it comes to e-cigs. This electronic cigarette is as smooth in taste as the packaging resembles. Luckily this e-cig is not just built on looks - it delivers the taste that rivals any e-cig on a five-star level. With a heavy vapor hit you will not be disappointed when looking for a replacement to your tobacco cigarette! This e-cig has everything you need built right into the box for the on-the-go smoker. 

  Crown 7 at first - looks similar to Cigavette with the intention of replicating a pack of smokes - the difference? Pure simplicity. If you dont wont all the fancy options or accessories then Crown 7 wont let you down. The one box will give you everything you need to get started. The closest thing to buying a pack of real tobacco cigarettes ive come across. The vapor does fade as the battery goes down but luckily the charger has a rapid coil that puts the e-cig back into working action in a about ten minutes. I recommend this unit highly for Light Smokers. 

 Crown Seven is offering some great Coupons for Early Fall of 2013!




The "Bare Bones" Kit under $23!

The CTwist Ulimate marked down to $82.99 Sept 2013!

     MyFreedomSmokes rounds out my top 6 e-cigs. MFS primarily focuses on e-juice, but my first starter kit was from this site and always will be in my weekly rotation of electronic cigarettes. Another reliable U.S built e-cig that handles my heavier smoking needs -along with solid customer service - MFS is quickly making a niche in the electronic cigarette market. A fail-safe choice!

 At the bottom of my page but at the top of my personal list. Cheesy but true! MyfreedomSmokes CTwist is always with me. Not too big, not to small - easy to refill compared to some e-cigs I absolutely love this one! I have the 1000mha battery to carry me thru the day - usually into the next - and easy to charge. The CTwist is built from other pieces of MFS's best e-cigs, they took the best parts from their other e-cigs and built a mammoth! Check out the CTwist review for yourself.

MyFreedomSmokes Full Lineup for the Summer/Fall of 2013!

 MyFreedomSmokes Clearance Rack - For those you like to Build Their Own Best E-cig!