For most first time e-cig consumers its natural to not want to invest a lot of money into an electronic cigarette simply on the notion that this might not work for you. This is a totally understandable approach. For those who want to take it slow, I have done the leg work for you in narrowing down the Top 3 E-Cigs under $50. There is nothing worst then throwing money out the window - the three options below are the best e-cig options in the market today and will help you gradually move away from tobacco cigarettes and into the electronic cigarette world. 


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  The G6 Electronic Cigarette by HALO is one of the best e-cigs to start with. This starter kit is one of Halo's premier units and the reviews are a true testament to why this is a great "first-timer" package. Everything you need to get started comes with this package - the charger - your choice of flavor - the battery and even a case is included - all under $50. Top Pick! 

Here are the latest reviews - including mine own - on the Halo Starter E-cig Kit 

Halo's G6 Starter Kit this Summer comes in at $44.99

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      The next choice in choosing a low cost option is Cigavette. Another leader in the e-cig realm Cigavette comes with everything you need to get started. The Premier Super was my third e-cig that I tried and my search was over after that. One of the smoothest electronic cigs along with one of the most tobacco tasting flavors - like me - I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised how close to a tobacco cigarette these guys get. Even though I have moved onto more robust e-cigs I always have my Cigavette starter around. I highly recommend The Full Flavor tobacco flavor for those who normally smoke full flavored smokes. Coming in under $30, this is a guarantee to give you a head start in your movement away from tobacco cigarettes. 

Premier Super

ALL of Cigavette's Easy Starters start at $29.95


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     To round out my Top 3, the  V2 Red-18 e-cigs made my list (it barely beat out Crown Seven). Due to their starter kit coming with Six flavor cartridges , this starter kit under $50 lasts longer than most! This e-cig starter comes with either Regular Tobacco flavor or Menthol and the standard USB charger (works with my computer and most vehicles) the V2 hits hard with a 1.8% nicotine punch. This e-cig is not the most popular but the word of mouth spreading in the electronic cigarette community proves I'm not alone in believing these guys are quickly taking over!  This kit comes in under $35 - and with next day delivery you will not be disappointed in making this choice. 


V2 Beginners Kit start at a nice $34.99! 

The V2 Beginners Kit 


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