Volcano rounds out my top best e-juice of 2013. Volcano was one of first e-liquids on the market and the reviews speak for themselves. Volcano is one vendor that all my friends agree on when comparing e-juice.

     Their e-liquid lineup is extremely extensive and continues growing - as they  create new flavors regularly which keeps these guys on top and other manufacturers on their heels! My Volcano e-cig collection is probably my largest and has saved me tons of money over the past couple months. I keep coming back because the site is always "fresh" with new stuff keeping my e-cig experience fully motivated.  Solid design - along with tons of styles to choose from - makes these guys easily one to search for in looking for the best-e-juices-Volcano handles its own!


Get The Newest Vaporizers for Volcano of 2013!

      Volcano's Newest Item!  The Magma Starter

The Classic Inferno now under $75 for Early Fall

Volcano's Biggest and Baddest E-Cig! The Lava Tube

Free Shipping and a 1 Year Warranty comes with every Volcano order! 



 All of Volcano's e-juice are Made in the USA helping them become one of the top E-juices on the market. A solid throat hit along with a solid price tag, Volcano brings it home! With their growing popularity - there e-liquid has become a top seller online for a reason, and coming in under $15 they are an absolute must try. Volcano e-cigs come with a 1 year warranty and they ship same day. Volcano also has a user friendly "how-to" video section for new users. 

All of Volcanos best e-juices comes in under $15! 

My Favorite Volcano E-Juices - Regular and Menthol


Check out the Newest Flavors from Volcano in 2013!


Top Exotic Fruit Flavors 


Volcano has one of Largest Forums with Tips and Tricks along with Reviews


Volcano's Flavor of the Summer - Sweet Tart  



Volcano's Premium Coffee Flavors



Volcano's best e-juice vaporizers



     This page highlights just some of the wide variety of Volcano's best e-juice flavors that Volcano offers but I wanted to make sure my visitors checked out Volcano's top vaporizers while here. The Inferno and the Lava Tube are second to none compared to most vaporizers on the market today. Either one is fail-safe! I have both and they are extremely reliable. The Inferno is built more for the smoker-on-the-go and the Lava Tube is more for the smoker who needs a little bit stronger hit. Combine them together - and like me - moving from a tobacco cigarette to one of Volcano's best e-cig will be much much easier for you!  

The Inferno Starter Kit 

Starting at $74.99

The Lava Tube 2.0

Starting at $139.99


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