Mt. Baker Vapor has the most options when choosing your favorite best e-juice. Over 200 hundred options to choose from, you cant leave without finding something that appeals to you. One of the few e-liquids created from scratch with each order (and shipped within 24 hours) this e-juice is made right here in the US. With Mt. Bakers gigantic variety, you can spend hours cycling through their flavors. Trying to find something they DON'T have is a task that is as hard as trying to pick one! I stumbled upon their site and gave them a try due to their low price. Once finding that the majority of their e-juice cost around $5 it was no-brainer. EASILY one of the best-e-juices-mt-baker-vapor is running the show! 


Top Mt Baker Vapor Flavors for August/September of 2013 for UNDER $5! 


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     Below are a few e-juice flavors from Mt Baker Vapor I personally fell in love with. They might not be what you like, but they demonstrate the wide range they offer. They even allow you to "mix" certain flavors if you want to get creative. Once you get into mixing Mt Baker Vapor flavors the results are limitless when trying to find the best e-juice. Whether you want to keep it simple picking out your next e-juice or you want to get creative Mt Baker Vapor keeps the process simple. 

My Mt.BakerVapor Favorites


Check out Mt Baker Vapors Featured E-juices for the Summer of 2013!


Mt Baker Vapor's Specialty's 

Cookie's N Creme Blast

Sweet Texas Tea



Mt BakerVapor leads the pack with their best e-juices of 2013


Tobacco and Menthol Flavor E-juice

     Most e-juice users like myself, like to start with what we know and are used to over the years -primarily tobacco flavor or a menthol flavor. Mt Baker Vapor realizes this, and created some of best  e-juice flavors on the market and come the closest to a "natural" flavor.  Below are my favorite tobacco e-liquids they have to choose from. Mt Baker Vapor has a big range of flavors but luckily they focus heavily on the basics. When choosing a few flavors its always recommended to pick an e-juice you are accustom to - such as a tobacco flavor or menthol. The basics are always a good start when choosing an e-juice. 




 Mt Baker Vapor Exotic and Fun E-juice Flavors! 

     I was compelled to add this portion below - just for the few who want a break from the norm. These e-juices below simply put a smile on my face when I saw them and for the price its definitely worth trying something different without breaking the bank. The flavor and description in every MtBakerVapor's best e-juice is always top notch so don't be afraid to try a flavor that appeals to you. Like most, I started with the basic tobacco flavor then once I realized that I saw e-juice being a big part of my e-cig future, I experimented a little. Hopefully you will have as much fun with it as I do and your transition from tobacco cigarettes becomes much easier! 



Want Free E-Juice? 

MtBakerVapor has a very cool program to allow its customers to get Free Juice! Do you have a Facebook account? If so check out the link below - vote on what flavor you like or would like to try  - and thats it!  A simple purchase over $15 gets you qualified. No red tape - no surveys - just free juice! 


Mt.BakerVapor's Complete Lineup