Best E-Juice - My 7'S

     My7's immediately jumped out at me when first searching for e-juice due to their site being extremely easy on the eyes, but that doesn't always mean its a solid product. After months of researching e-liquids it was easy to put My7's in my top 5 e-juices. Turns out the site was an exact reflection of the quality they put into their product.  My7's is worthy of being on top in the e-juice market due to their thorough process of creating, packaging and easy setup. Its safe to say My7's will be around for years to come and is a absolute must when searching for the best e-liquid for your needs. 

My7s is making noise in the e-juice World!


     Once I got wrapped up in the e-juice world I found myself spending alot of time "building" my e-liquid e-cig. With the Hybrid cartridge it made this process much simpler. This accessory is a must if you have multiple flavors you like to change to. Pop one off - pop another on its just that simple. With this unit the flavor stays but the vapor fades quickly with no odor or residue opposed to must e-juice e-cigs. The Hybrid can be filled with any My7 e-juice. 

MY7's Hybrid Starter Kit

My7's His and Hers Starter Kit


     Like most e-juice vendors My7's has many different flavors to choose from. The difference with these guys - precision! The equal amount of flavor and nicotine result in ultimate smoothness. With their easy to read bottles mixing and matching is much easier then most. And if you want to do it yourself when creating flavors My7's has the simplest accessories and tools for you- even allowing you to upgrade to a longer life battery.  

My7's Top 5 Flavor Sample Pack 

Apple, Blueberry, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mocha

Power-Smart Hybrid Battery



     My7s ranks higher than most e-juice vendors do to the time they spend on perfecting the whole e-cig experience. With all the other intangibles, this is just the tip of the iceberg on how focused this company is on perfection and I wanted my visitors to acknowledge this.           However, no matter how good the actual unit itself is the flavor has to be the top priority, thankfully they've never let me down! When choosing an e-juice its vital to select a flavor you might like - a flavor that looks good - a flavor that is completely different than the first and then the flavor, or flavors that the vendor is highlighting on their site. A vendor will highlight their top flavor because they have confidence that you will enjoy it and will most likely bring you back to their site. 

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