One of the best e-juice makers on the net is - without a doubt Halo. They focus heavily on a wide variety of premium e-juice along with building one of the best e-cigs to go along with it. When looking for the best-e-juice-halo  can take care of any of your e-juice / e-cig needs. The links below will give you some good insight on what e-juice is and how it can make your e-cig experience a more enjoyable one and more importantly an experience that will keep you from going back to tobacco cigarettes! Halo ranks among the top in almost any review you read online - and repeat business they receive only proves the critics right. Halo e-juice has been around longer than most vendors on the market and their prices keep them competitive with any new comer to the game. 

Halo E-Juice

Halo is my first choice when picking my next e-juice. They have different levels of nicotine for the light smoker and pack enough punch for the heavy smokers. They have never let me down and I am sure you will get the same result. All over the internet you will see Halo over and over when ranking the best e-juice with a simple reason why - they deliver every time. With over 20+ flavors you WILL find something up your alley!  

Halo's Best e-juice flavors for the Summer!

     Menthol Lover? Below are a few of the best e-juice menthol flavors from Halo in 2013. Halo is no slouch in the menthol ring. Check out there whole menthol e-liquid lineup below. From my personal tryouts -  SubZero is for the heavy menthol smokers and the Mystic is for the light. The ICE is a nice balance of the four I have tried. Their e-juice grows monthly so make sure to check back here for their latest creations and my recommendations. 

Menthol Flavors

      I love my coffee in the morning - along with my Halo e-juice. Shamrock might as well be a peppermint pattie out of the wrapper!  The Belgian Cocoa is my favorite as it its not to harsh nor weak. All five e-juices below have their own characteristics - but dont be afraid to do all five and find the one that suits your needs and hopefully eliminates real tobacco forever. The coolest thing is actually mixing some of these e-juices together and creating something brand new. Halo's best e- juice also offers accessories to help with this procedure, if this sounds appealing check out the bottom of the page for some links to get you started! 

Gourmet Flavors


     Want to try many e-juice flavors in one purchase? Here you go! Halo targets certain flavors in packs  -which in the long run - saves you money. The sample packs below allow you to try multiple flavors without breaking the bank and saving you time.  Don't be afraid to do a couple of assortments in trying to find the one or two..or five! that move you from real tobacco to a new "brand" of cigs. 

E-Juice Sample Packs 


Halo now offers HALO POINTS - A Great Way to Get FREE HALO Stuff! 

E-Juice Accessories

     Already a fan of Halo or e-juice in general? Here are some cool accessories I have used or are currently using that simply add to the transition from real tobacco. These options below take the e-juice to a whole new level. Start with an unflavored base e-liquid and start adding your own touch of flavor and nicotine balance. For beginners, read up on it and don't be intimidated (email me personally for questions!). For Veterans, these are vital in continuing your movement! It wont take long before you can become a Halo e-juice MASTER and become a mad scientist of unlimited flavors and make your own best e-juice along with kicking real tobacco to the curb!  


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