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V2 Cigs Review

     V2 Cigs is one of the most recognized electronic cigarette manufactures in the US. They also have one of the biggest selections of e-cig starter kits and a big reputation to live up to. But is one of the best-e-cigs-v2-cigs equal to the media hype, or is it just another e-cigarette?  

     As one of the biggest online retailers of electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs offer a HUGE selection of electronic cigarette starter kits and accessories. They offer everything from disposable e-cigs to e-cigs that plug into USB ports. Their website is somewhat overwhelming at first, and it can be hard to decide where to go next. But once you get your bearings, it is actually easier than it looks to navigate.

     There  is a ton of videos scattered around the site that are full of useful information for beginners. If you have used e-cigarettes before, you can skip the videos without missing much.


     Their main e-cigarette battery is a standard 200 puff rechargeable packing a 250mAh capacity. In some of their starter kits,  you have the option to increase or decrease the battery size. With a total of 7 choices of kits, they offer something for almost every budget starting at $24.95 and going all the way up to $159.95 for the king of starter kits, the V2 Ultimate Kit.

     Two of the products V2 carries are USB powered e-cigarettes called the “Power-Cig” and the “Notebook-Cig”. They both have long USB cords that plug into a computer’s USB port, or a car charger with a USB port. These are extremely convenient for long days at the office or long drives and is a great way to vape and not use your batteries. Plus these USB e-cigs have more power than their rechargeable counterparts.


V2'S Best e-cig Starters and Accesories for 2013

V2 Starter Kit

Netbook E-Cig

     On top of a complete lineup of electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs also offer a vast selection of accessories for your e-cig. They carry a large selection of e-liquids, pre filled cartridges, empty cartridges, charging cases, lanyards, and hard cases to protect your gear while in your pocket.

     V2 has a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. As long as you keep using your V2 Cigs and buying cartridges, they will replace your battery if it malfunctions.


    V2 Cigs has a distinctive flavor and vapor combo that hits-the-spot with a lot of smokers. It is slightly heavier vapor and a thicker cloud than most of the other e-cig on the market. A long slow drag will satisfy almost any smoker and give you enough nicotine you forget about smoking.

     Both their bottles of e-liquids and pre filled cartridges come in strengths, varying from ZERO nicotine all the way up to 1.8%, and are available in over a DOZEN flavors. You can order empty cartridges as well to fill-up with any of their e-liquids and save some cash.

Final Note:

     I do enjoy V2 Cigs product. They are ideal for someone who likes plenty of choices and a wide selection. And are a fantastic option if you are buying as a gift. They do offer a good tasting e-cig with impressive vapor, but the battery could be a bit longer lasting. Top it off with a 30 money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty and there’s a strong chance you are going to be happy with your purchase.

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