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    My Freedom Smokes stands out far more than other electronic cigarettes on the technical side of e-cigs. MyFreedomSmokes gives me the most control of all the e-cigs in my lineup. With a digital screen on the e-cig itself you will be able to monitor the temperature, battery level, voltage and even the amount of "puffs" that have been taking (along with the amount of puffs left) to maximize total efficiency of your usage. These aspects give MFS the modern edge that other e-cigs don't deliver. With multiple USB connections to charge their units, along with an easy to use computer application, the flexibility alone add another to the list of  best-e-cigs-myfreedomsmokes.

MyFreedomSmokes e-cig units above most electronic cigarettes!  


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JoyTech EVIC Starter

JoyTech E-GO Starter

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     Like most e-cigs, MyFreedomSmokes focuses on its Starter Kits which is always a good way to begin using an electronic cigarette. The eVIC comes with everything needed to get started. This e-cig comes installed with a Samsung battery that out lasts most.  This unit is a beast compared to most e-cigs when dealing with actual size but the battery life makes up for it. "Chain smokers" you have found your new solution!  The JoyTech eGo-T was my follow up e-cig with MFS and the price was extremely nice! This unit comes in multiple colors along with simple instructions and hits the nail on the head for those "after dinner" smoke times. As the site suggests, get an E-Juice to go along with this unit to elongate the trial experience as the standard starter kit is a stand alone unit. I started with the basic tobacco flavor


     MyFreedomSmokes starts you off with their e-cig but will eventually (like all e-cig vendors) move you gradually to the e-juice portion of electronic cigarettes over time. This is normal as most new e-cig users progress towards an e-juice. Thankfully they hold their own in the e-juice market. I personally moved up to their eGo-C Twist model and have been very happy with the quality. As mentioned earlier, their units keep you "in the know" with their computer app and with Vapor e-juice units, this is vital. The standard battery provided left something to be desired but was easily upgradeable. 

The Nova from MFS comes fully loaded 

The MFS E-Go Twist allows for Easy Setup

The Newest Starter from MyFreedomSmokes - The E-Cab! Top Starter Kit under $50! 

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Final Word: 

     I am on my computer alot - weather its at work or home - im on it! With the eVIC starter-MyFreedomSmokes gives me the ability to connect the e-cig to my computer and gives a detailed analysis of how much I actually use the unit and even the ability to upgrade it right through their basic program. Even if you are not a "computer guru" the MFS program is VERY easy to setup and once its up and running you will know distinctly why MyFreedomSmokes is shaking the electronic cigarette world up!  

   MyFreedomSmokes has one of the largest inventories on the net. They cover every aspect of the e-cig experience from the basic disposable to the heavy smoker starter kit. The long of accessories for customizing your ecig, to over 50 different e-juice flavors to work with, MFS has everything the ecig customer needs. My experience with their customer service has been reliable and their website also has many FAQ's to help with the most difficult issues. Definitely check these guys out before making your decision on your next - or first - ecig! 

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