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Crown Seven E-Cig Review


     Crown Seven Electronic Cigarettes has an elegant looking product line with a unique style. They have built-up quite the following and created quite a buzz in the world of the best e-cigs. With options like refillable cartridges, excellent starter kits, and a kit designed just for women, Crown Seven knows how to deliver what customers want. But is their e-cig worth the price?

     Crown Seven claims to have traveled to more than 10 different manufacturers to find the exact battery and cartridge combo. Their commitment to quality is reflective in their product and their customer service. They have been in the e-cig industry since 2007 and are consistently improving their products as the industry changes.

     There are many various electric cigarettes on the marketplace that you could really feel directed towards a specific brand or selection and it could be difficult to make a choice. The really nice aspect of best-e-cigs-crown-seven e cigarette specifically is that it originates from a popular-ed and professional business. This provides the customer satisfaction, particularly when you consider the 12-month assurance provided on all Crown 7 items.

     Checking out numerous customer evaluations on the internet suggests that general customers are really pleased with the item pointing out that it is simple to create and customize and definitely worth for cash. The most effective alternative for brand-new consumers is absolutely crown 7 smokeless cigarette starter set which showcases one electronic cigarette, a battery charger, 2 lithium iron batteries. 2 nicotine cartridges and an user's manual.


     Their HYDRO electronic cigarette is their staple product. It is a simple yet powerful e-cig that is the same size of a tobacco cigarette. With a smooth finish and a solid build, it is an elegant looking device. It comes in a cigarette pack that holds a battery, 2 e-liquid cartridges, and a USB charger. There are two color choices, black or white. Also, there is a menthol option and a “W” kit that is made just for women. The “W” kit has pink logos and a bejeweled tip on the end of the battery.

LXE Starter Kit

Basic Hydro Kit

     At the high-end of the Crown Seven lineup is the LXE starter kit. Retailing for $89.99, it offers everything you ever needed in one of best e-cig starter kits. It is certainly one of the most elegant starter kits I have ever seen. Offering:

  • One e-cigarette pack to hold one battery, two cartridges and a USB charger
  • 2 HYDRO batteries
  • 10 e-liquid replacement cartridges
  • One compact case to hold one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger
  • One AC USB adapter
  • One car charger USB adapter

     This LXE kit is worth well over $100 if sold separately and comes in a handy storage box that will keep everything in its place.


     The vapor of the Crown Seven has a mild tobacco taste with a hint of something sweet, like apple or honey. I can’t quite place this fruity flavor, but it adds a delicious character to vapor and leaves no lasting aftertaste. If you puff on it slowly, it fills the lungs with more than enough vapor to satisfy a heavy smoker.

     As mentioned above, Crown Seven offers bottles of e-liquid to refill your empty cartridges. This reduces the already low price of using e-cigarettes to even a lower cost. Simply take off the white inset in the mouthpiece and drop a few drops into the cotton filling and blow out the extra into a paper towel. Most cartridges can be reused 2-5 times before they need to be replaces entirely.

     Crown Seven also offers a high-end disposable electronic cigarette that has the same taste and flavor as the HYDRO series. This extra-long disposable e-cig is a bit more money than a competing product, but lasts twice as long and has a stronger flavor in comparison than any other disposable.

Crown7 Electronic Cigarettes


Crown 7 fits all e-cigs users needs! 


Crown 7 comes in many designs and styles - A Total Touch of Class! 

     Unlike most ecig vendors, Crown 7 took the time to match the look of your next ecig to the strength they deliver. Crown Seven is slightly revolutionary in this aspect since some people still look down on real tobacco smokers - now you can be an ecig smoker with some dignity and class. This is not a cheap throwaway - crown7 lets their customers hold their ecig without any shame! There are very few electronic cigarette vendors that can bring the power when needed and still have a characteristic look! 

 The Best Package Deals Crown Seven For the Summer of 2013!


     A smoking habit can add up quickly. Nevertheless, some of the best e-cigs will certainly conserve you cash in the long run. A Crown 7 ecig is around $80 for a starter kit and the nicotine refills are around $20 for 7 cartridges. The vendors overview shows that one cartridge needs can last at the very least, as long as a pack of real tobacco cigarettes. That implies that over a one month duration, based upon you smoking a pack a day you will certainly pay simply $5 a day. With some states charging up to $10 a pack, you will quickly notice that crown 7 ecig is far less within the first few months. Afterwards, you will certainly be saving more money and with the refills lasting you in between a week and 10 days the math is made simple. 

Final Note:

     If you are interested in a higher quality electronic cigarette with a sweet-tobacco flavor and like the option to refill your e-liquid cartridges, Crown Seven will suit you perfectly. They have one of best e-cigs products for a reasonable price. They take pride in their products and go the extra mile with their appearance and customer service. Combine all this with a thick cloud of vapor, Crown Seven is a real value.

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