Best E-Cig For Heavy Smokers


     Do you smoke a pack a day? or more? Or, are you like me and just consider yourself a heavy smoker due to the amount of money you spend over the course of a week or month? The heavy smoker e-cig starter kits below may help you transition from a heavy smoker of traditional tobacco into an electronic cigarette consumer easier than a disposable e-cig due to the fact they can handle the "heavy smoker" cravings.

     The options below helped me kick the real tobacco and have saved me literally hundreds! E-juice cigs can be a little intimidating at first but just like the day you smoked your first cigarette, you quickly became a pro - take that memory and apply it here. These are some of the best electronic cigarette starter kits that I have personally tested (and still use today) will not let you down - period!

     Making the switch to an e-cig will be a challenge at first but the payoff in the long run is incredible.  You will save money and most importantly, save your health.  Many of the starter kits for heavy smokers are a little more expensive than a disposable e-cig option in the beginning, but the initial investment is chicken feed compared to the long-term monetary and health expense of smoking real tobacco. However, talk is cheap - read the reviews I've gathered below and make a choice that you are comfortable with. Your smoking future starts today.

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Halo Heavy Smoker Starter Kits 

Halo Heavy Starter Midnight Black

Halo Heavy Starter Titanium 


Halo's Heavy Starter Kits never fall short. Packed with a heavy punch, you will remember these units in your future search. Tons of flavors to choose from along with great battery life makes Halo a real contender. Halo e-cigs are among the top in most best e-cig rankings due to longevity in the market and a solid return rate among its customers. They focus on the simplicity, but on the technical side they rival most newcomers. Halo e-cigs will be around for years to come.   

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Cigavette Heavy Smoker Starter Kits 

    The VIP Mega Starter is on top when power is a concern. This e-cig starter produces one of the most extremely thick vapor available. This starter comes with (2) 1300mAh batteries which out lasts most electronic cigarette starter kits. Their most popular e-cigs are contained in their Cigavette starter kits which gives the user everything they need to get started - more importantly they come less expensive then most e-cig starter kits on the market. A fair price for a lot power! 

Cigavette Heavy Starter MEGA Kit

Cigavette Premier Cartridges

1750 Smokes! 


Vapor ZEUS Starter Kits

Vapor Zeus Automatic Starter Kit 

Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Starter Kit

 Vapor4Life's Newest Promo Coupons for 2013

     The Zeus e-cigs from Vapor4Life are unquestionably the hardest hitting electronic cigarettes I have ever tried. These two units are the freight trains of some of the best e-cigs available. I actually coughed the first time because I was waiting for the typical heavy e-cig hit and was floored on the amount of vapor that came from them. Once I got the hang of it I was in love! For Heavy Smokers this is a must see. Vapor4Life is quickly becoming one of the best c-cigs on net.  Check out the reviews below from other Zeus users and your search for your tobacco cigarette replacement will soon come to an end.  

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