Electronic Cigarettes are getting more attention! 

     E-cigs are electronic devices, which mimic smoking by forgoing a crucial part of the regular process: inhalation of tar from the burning tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not cause the diseases associated with regular smoking such as gum disease and lung cancer, and they do not create an unpleasant smell for bystanders. E-cigs have for a while been but recently have become more popular and are challenging the legal landscape for traditional smokers as the government enforces more stringent rules on public smoking. As the public becomes more aware of the many problems they avoid when using e-cigs, the number of those who buy electronic cigarettes continues to increase.


Are E-cigs a safer alternative?  

You be the judge - here are few articles that I found informative:





E-Cigs are getting some big publicity! 

     In Hollywood, the popularity of e-cigs is continuously rising as famous people start to acknowledge the added benefits they present and embrace the new trend. Top stars like Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp have been seen puffing away at their flavored e-juice and other smokers are slowly testing the waters. For these people, the point of using e-cigs is to gain access to a safer nicotine delivery system and in many ways helping to make electronic cigarettes more popular. 


The simple fact that e-cigs don't use actual fire means that they pose much less danger for people and households in general. Countless numbers of fires have been started when people weren't very careful with their cigarettes and that can be avoided when using an LED light to mimic the light emitted from a burning cigarette. 

Hollywood Heavyweights leading the charge in making the switch! 

Stop Killing Yourself!

     America has a high number of chain smokers, and these people can easily clear a full pack of lights in a day, which is a fast way to kill the insides. For these people, the only real alternative to smoking would be electronic cigarettes. When a lifelong smoker switches to an e-cig, he doesn't panic or find it hard to adjust, and many of them are opting to use vapor instead of tar. High concentration e-liquid offers the same throat hit a regular cigarette would so it's not that difficult to make the transition. Information on the health risks of traditional smoking is pretty straight forward so people find it easier to switch from smoke to vapor. The fact that smokers still have the same experience means that smokers don't need to find another vice to take up the place of smoking because they wouldn't have to quit the drag.


Stop Killing the Environment! 

     When you consider the environmental factors, a switch to electronic cigarettes would be healthier for the community as well. Cigarette butts have been know to cause a serious problem in areas where streets are littered with them, but if the smokers in the community decided to try electronic smoking, then the streets would be a lot cleaner. Smoke pollution is another concern, which those who converts help reduce. As soon as people quit regular cigarettes, they start to appreciate the lack of unpleasant smells.

                                                      START FIXING YOURSELF! 

     Both smokers and people around them have been known to feel better after giving up regular cigarettes for electronic types because the exposure to tar results in multiple health concerns including respiratory problems, heart problems and other life long conditions, which can all be prevented by not inhaling poisonous chemicals. When tar collects in the lungs, it leads to coughs, clogging of major blood vessels and possibly cancer. The main advantage for new e-cig enthusiasts is the fact that the minute they quit smoking real cigarettes, their body goes to work and starts to repair itself and that changes what would be a predictable disease-ridden outcome. If you have been considering a way to cut down on your tobacco intake, then switching to e-cigs is one of the best steps you can take. Most people who give up cigarettes for electronic types don't go back to smoking the real thing because they don't feel the need to. You can buy electronic cigarettes online or at your local store. As e-cigs become more popular this will only help spread the word about a newer safer way to enjoy smoking- and maybe for those are trying to - quit all together! GOOD LUCK AND MOVE FORWARD! 

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