The Top 6 Best-E-cigs

       Many of the best e-cigs come in all sorts of different styles and flavors. The amount of vendors is overwhelming and with my experience with the options below I have tried to take the guess work out of it for you. I personally was a heavy smoker and went through my trials and tribulations with some pretty bad e-cigs - if I would have come across a site like this I could have saved myself some cash! The top 6 best e-cigs have been narrowed down from my own usage and some helpful reviews I've come across. The most popular electronic cigarette is not always the best - do the research before wasting money and time on your next e-cig purchase. 

The Top 6 best ecigs online in 2013 are:

My Favorite e-cigs of 2013


     Cigavette is arguably the most advanced e-cig to date. With the closest tobacco cigarette taste I have come across its easy to recommend these e-cigs to the most skeptic smoker. Cigavette uses a patented "smart chip" that takes any hassle out of the electronic cigarette setup.  Cigavette is so confident in their product they only make two e-cig flavors - tobacco and menthol opposed to other brands who rely on many different flavors. 

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     Vapor4Life recently released one of hardest hitting best e-cigs on the market. The VaporZeus is in a class all by itself in strength and battery life Vapor4Life could make a living just selling this e-cig. Luckily they have a huge selection of starter kits and a large lineup of e-juice to choose from. Being one of the better priced e-cigs on the net they are quickly becoming the most popular e-cig in 2013.

Vapor4Life Latest Reviews of 2013.


     V2 has the largest variety of cheap starter kits on the market which gives this e-cig a big edge! Their price-to-quality ratio outweighs most of their competition. V2 has one of the best all-in-one Starter Kits to get you started -a 36 piece set to be exact - add in a Lifetime Warranty and V2 will be on your high on your list of best e-cig choices. 

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     Halo e-cigs are a great start for a new e-cig smoker. Rechargeble e-cigs are the fastest growing style on the market and Halo sits on top of this list due to its solid build and long lasting battery - along with the many options of colors and designs. Halo is 100% American made which makes me love these guys even more! A top 5 among most sites - the reviews tell the story on why Halo is among the heavy hitters in the best e-juice market. Talk is cheap so check them out for yourself. 

Halo's Best Starter Kits for 2013


     Crown Seven is the epitome of class and style when it comes to the best e-cigs. This electronic cigarette is as smooth in taste as the packaging resembles. Luckily this e-cig is not just built on looks - it delivers the taste that rivals any e-cig on a five-star level. With a heavy vapor hit you will not be disappointed when looking for a replacement to your tobacco cigarette! This e-cig has everything you need built right into the box for the on-the-go smoker. 

Crown 7's cheapest Starter Kits of 2013

     MyFreedomSmokes rounds out my top 5 e-cigs. MFS primarily focuses on e-juice, but my first starter kit was from this site and always will be in my weekly rotation of electronic cigarettes. Another reliable U.S built e-cig that handles my heavier smoking needs -along with solid customer service - MFS is quickly making a niche in the electronic cigarette market. A fail-safe choice! Easily in the top 6 best e-cigs on my list check these guys out before settling on a final choice. 

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